UAB Investicijų ir verslo garantijos (INVEGA) 


A stable and renowned team of finance experts which develops and implements effective solutions for promoting entrepreneurship.


To promote the growth and competitiveness of Lithuanian businesses by being an active partner in business financing.


Strategic orientation

To ensure the growth of the scale of services provided by INVEGA through the application of innovative and effective financing models and instruments designed to provide financial and other services to businesses.

INVEGA manages financial instruments designed to help with starting up or expanding a small or medium-sized business, i.e. soft loans, loan guarantees, interest rate subsidies, and support for the first job.

We manage soft loan instruments

At the moment the Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund instrument offers the best conditions for newly established and young businesses.

INVEGA grants loans from the Open Credit Fund towards business development (both investment and working capital loans). Businessmen may apply to the Open Credit Fund for loans of up to EUR 434,430. Currently the instrument can also be used for credit lines.

We issue loan guarantees

Businesses applying to banks and other credit institutions for loans to start or grow their business often face the challenge of collateral not being attractive or adequate enough for the bank or credit institution. INVEGA helps to overcome this challenge by guaranteeing to financial intermediaries the repayment of up to 80 per cent of the first loan. The bank secures the repayment of the remainder of the loan with collaterals offered by the enterprise.

We subsidise portion of the interest paid

Businesses can make use of the opportunities offered by the Interest Rate Subsidies instrument to cover up to 95 per cent of the interest paid on loans both guaranteed and not guaranteed by INVEGA.

We promote the recruitment of young workers

Within the framework of the project Support for the First Job employers who employ workers with no prior work experience may be reimbursed some of the salary costs associated with the first-time employed young person (up to 23.3 per cent from the salary calculated).


The guarantee institution UAB “Investiciju ir verslo garantijos” (INVEGA) was established by the Republic of Lithuania Government Resolution No. 887 of 11 July 2001 on Small and Medium-sized Business Development. The Ministry of Economy was tasked with the performance of the company founder and supervisor’s functions.



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