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Long-Term Investment in Europe -Steering Committee seminar 28 May 2014 'forecasting, recovery and financing tools of Long-Term Investment at Community level': The seminar was reserved to members of the long-term Steering Committee. Guest speakers present included Olivier Lavoine, Finance Director, RTE, Jean-Paul Nicolai, Head of Department, Economy & Finance, General Commission for Strategy and Forecasting, France, Alvaro Pereira, National studies branch director, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Didier Schmitt, Bureau of European Policy Advisors (BEPA), European Commission.

Claude Fischer of Confrontations Europe made opening remarks and Didier Schmitt of the European Commission opened discussion explaining that Commission services are ready to work together on unprecedented internal revisions for boosting investment. According to him the current problem is that the Commission is embarking on sectoral prospection where it should be integrated. Further discussion ensued together with contributions from all guest speakers and Alvaro Pereira concluded financial fragmentation needs to be solved and the OECD is looking into this.