Istanbul D20 meeting

D20 meeting for 2015 organised jointly by LTIC and TSKB starting in the morning; including debates on various economic themes and followed by a social event.

The high level representatives of development finance institutions, long-term investors and major multilateral financial institutions gathered in Istanbul on May 26th, 2015 on the occasion of the third D20 conference. This conference held in Istanbul was preceded by the conferences in Moscow in 2013 and Rome in 2014. During the conference, the main theme of which was “Infrastructure as a Long Term Tool for Sustainable and Comprehensive Growth”, models targeting the long-term nonbank financing of infrastructure projects were elaborated. Additionally, social infrastructure investments targeted at social welfare, health and productivity were discussed in detail.

As an output of the conference, a statement was issued by D20 members to be presented to the leaders in preparation of the G20 summit. The D20 Press Release was also issued.


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