Paris Seminar on ESG

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) afternoon seminar of 20 June 2014 focused on financial assessment of non-financial information, i.e. extra-financial reporting following amendments to the ‘EU accounting directive’ 2013/34/EU. A presentation by François Passant, Executive Director of Eurosif on ‘Why is the non-financial reporting important for responsible investors?’ addressed the EU accounting directive’s content and the implications of the recent amendments, followed by the Novethic CEO Anne-Catherine Husson-Traoré presenting the Novethic viewpoint on ESG and finally Marc Schublin Director of Strategy and Stakeholder Relations (EIB) presented the EIB point of view on ESG in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within EIB.

The floor was left to open to ESG best practice discussions and exchanges between ELTI members, then a discussion moderated by François Passant & Dominique de Crayencour on the opportunity and content of an ELTI joint contribution to the consultation launched by the European Commission on the achievements, shortcomings and future challenges of the Commission’s activities on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


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