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Invitation (PDF) for Mr. Dominique de Crayencour to attend the seminar on the Priorities/Word Programme of the European Parliament's Committee on Budgets for the current legislature

Conference programme (PDF)

Brussels 15 April 2015

An Investment Plan for Europe: joining forces Conference of the European Committee of the Regions

Agenda (PDF)

Summary report of conference session (PDF)

Investment conference background (PDF)


7 January 2015 -G20 Turkey 2015 Invitation sent to the Investment & Infrastructure Working Group Members (IIWG) (PDF)


G20 Turkey 2015 Agenda (Word)

Finance Watch: The Long-Term financing agenda -the way to sustainable growth? conference on 04 February 2015


Alliance of Liberals & Democrats for Europe (ALDE) New Year Conference on 06 January 2015 (Word)

Investing in Long-Term Europe: relaunching fixed, network and social infrastructure: conference programme (PDF)

-organised in association with the Italian EU presidency

The ELTI debate on 2 December 2014 concerned the role of National Promotional Banks (NPBs) and the European Investment Bank group (EIB/EIF) in financing long-term sustainable investments and aimed to discuss the ways and means for them to cooperate in support of long-term investment to restart sustainable growth and employment.

All the above should act in line with the European Commission Communication on long-term financing of the European economy put forward in March 2014 which sets out a comprehensive framework of all measures required to secure Europe’s position on a sustainable growth path, including channelling all possible means of finance into the economy.

Other stakeholders are also considering what could be the role of EIB/EIF, the NPBs and MDBs in boosting long-term investment, through various forms of interaction, with or without institutional reforms, that could be thought of and EU budget funds that could also be associated with this dynamic, aiming to leverage in a wider European capacity through a better cooperation model and ensuring not only an appropriate financial resources supply but also support for sustainable investment demand.

The so-called ‘Juncker investment plan’ of € 300 bn. aiming to reconcile the necessary budget discipline and the need to reactivate sustainable growth and employment in Europe is of direct interest in this regard and the debate should help clarify how EIB Group and the NPBs can together support and help implement this plan.

Summary of the event:

Long-Term Investments -what role for National Promotional Banks and the EIB?

LTIC SC Istanbul rev











LTIC Steering Committee meeting in TSKB premises, Garden of Eden, Istanbul, Turkey


D20 meeting for 2015 organised jointly by LTIC and TSKB starting in the morning; including debates on various economic themes and followed by a social event

D20 Statement (PDF)

D20 Press Release (PDF)


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