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04 June 2014 Singapore G20 Australian Presidency/OECD High-Level Roundtable on institutional Investors and Long-Term Investment

Meeting agenda (PDF)

Steering Committee seminar 27 March 2014: comparing national long-term investment finance-valuation systems France-Germany

Minutes of the meeting (PDF)

Long-Term Investment in Europe -Steering Committee seminar 28 May 2014 'forecasting, recovery and financing tools of Long-Term Investment at Community level': The seminar was reserved to members of the long-term Steering Committee. Guest speakers present included Olivier Lavoine, Finance Director, RTE, Jean-Paul Nicolai, Head of Department, Economy & Finance, General Commission for Strategy and Forecasting, France, Alvaro Pereira, National studies branch director, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Didier Schmitt, Bureau of European Policy Advisors (BEPA), European Commission.

Claude Fischer of Confrontations Europe made opening remarks and Didier Schmitt of the European Commission opened discussion explaining that Commission services are ready to work together on unprecedented internal revisions for boosting investment. According to him the current problem is that the Commission is embarking on sectoral prospection where it should be integrated. Further discussion ensued together with contributions from all guest speakers and Alvaro Pereira concluded financial fragmentation needs to be solved and the OECD is looking into this.



The September 2014 Milan forum 'Relaunching growth in the current EU economic and regulatory environment' was organised by Eurofi in association with the Italian EU Presidency. Aiming to encourage open discussion between public decision-makers and leaders of the financial industry on the main ongoing finance sector reforms, this forum was open to a target audience from the latter groups.

Debates mostly centred on the priorities of the new European Commission and European Parliament in the different sectors of financial regulation and the role the finance sector may play in fostering growth in Europe. The G20's implementation progress made in keeping their commitments and ensuring consistent regulation at the global level was key to the programme.

Invitation (PDF)

The 'Combining resilience and growth' seminar organized by Eurofi in association with the Greek EU Presidency was open to a target audience of public and industry representatives of public and industry representatives from the authorities and financial industries faced with the finance sector's challenges of objectives for growth and financial stability in aiming for an effective European Banking Union.

On this occasion many key regulatory topics and projects on the agenda of the European Commission were discussed in the global context. More specifically, a session was also organized on the priorities of the new European Commission for the finance sector, and the ELTI Secretary-General Mr. Dominique de Crayencour contributed to the discussion.

Rome 4 July 2014

Improving the Financing of Sustainable Growth: The Role of D20 Institutions

Event hosted by the European Investment Bank and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

Opened by the chair, Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank, the session started with opening key note speeches by Pier Carlo Padoan, Minister of Economy and Finance, Italy and Franco Bassanini, President of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. The first panel discussed the Role of D20 Institutions on the Growth Challenge: Green Sustainability, Infrastructures and Involvement of Private Resources, and the second panel -Cooperation among D20 Institutions and MDBs. How to do more and better?


Press release: D20 and Multilateral Development Banks join forces to support economic growth, create jobs and improve productivity EIB-2014-156-EN


Statement by Heads of G20 financial institutions with a development or public mandate, reflecting the outcome of the international conference (PDF)



In February 2014, the LTIC Steering Committee (SC) met in Madrid to review its achievements in 2013 and plan its strategy and work for 2014. Mr. Dominique de Crayencour was appointed as LTIC Secretary-General and the LTIC budget for 2014 was approved.

Talks centred on a mapping exercise to be conducted on the long-term financing of Infrastructure and SMEs, on the financial regulation and on market instruments. Mr. Mikhaïl Gorst (VEB), President of the LTIC Scientific Committee, reported on its work and progress and talks ended with a group discussion on the LTIC Working Groups.


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