ELTI Dublin 2022

The Association has no commercial purpose and pursues the following non-profit-making objectives at international level:

  • represent, promote and defend the shared interests of its Members;
  • strengthen cooperation, including at an operational level, between European financial institutions as well as with other Institutions of the European Union (EU) acting as long-term financiers;
  • develop the concept of long-term investment within the economic and financial sector;
  • promote academic research on long-term investments;
  • inform the EU and its institutions on the role and potential of the Members as institutions and agencies for long-term financing;
  • strengthen the access of the Members to information on matters related to the EU;
  • exchange information and experiences among Members and with national and international organisations sharing the Association's interest in the promotion of long-term investment.

To that end, the Association proposes to carry out the following activities:

  • to inform its Members regarding the discussions, initiatives and measures conducted by the institutions of the EU;
  • to initiate and publish research programmes or studies and to hold conferences for the Members;
  • to promote convergence and common positions among its Members with a view, in particular, to responding to consultations launched by the European Commission;
  • to exert influence on EU Institutions and act as a common interlocutor in dealings with such institutions, notably by acting as a spokesperson for its Members in dealings with EU institutions and bodies, without prejudice to the separate freedom of expression of each Member.


European Long-Term Investors a.i.s.b.l.
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