Romanian Investment and Development Bank (RIDB)

The Romanian Investment and Development Bank  (in Romanian, “Banca de Investitii si Dezvoltare”) was created at the end of 2023, under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, being the only development bank in the country and it is 100% owned by the Romanian Ministry of Finance. The RIDB is thus a unique financial institution in the Romanian landscape and we proud ourselves with having a strong vision, an ambitious mission, and a clear set of strategic objectives.

The Bank's vision is to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable and prosperous economic environment, ready to face the upcoming challenges and changes.

Our mission is to support economic and social development, competitiveness and innovation, the country's economic growth, within a framework that continuously promotes sustainability and climate neutrality.

Strategic objectives

  • Facilitating access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises, including micro-enterprises and start-ups;
  • Facilitating the financing of viable infrastructure projects, whether local, regional and national, and attracting private capital in investments;
  • Supporting the process of accessing and using European funds and the associated multiplication effect;
  • Providing technical assistance.

In order to achieve these strategic objectives, we believe that the following strands of action are essential:

  • Close collaboration with local financial intermediaries (banks, leasing, other non-banking financial institutions), with financial institutions both European and international, but also with the relevant authorities overseeing deployment of European and national funds dedicated to achieving cohesion, modernisation, adaptation to climate change or climate neutrality objectives. An important role in the fulfilment of strategic objectives is to cooperate with other European or international development banks, as well as active participation in the international associations, for the development of information exchange, experience and knowledge, but also to explore regional and European joint opportunities.
  • Acting as a catalyst for encouraging private investment.
  • Promoting a climate-neutral economy and sustainable development, becoming an important player in supporting the necessary transition to achieve the country's climate goals.

Contact information
3, Ion Mincu Street, Bucharest, Romania
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