Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP)

About CDP

An institution serving Italy since 1850. We foster sustainable development, using savings responsibly to support growth and boost employment, supporting innovation, business competitiveness, infrastructures, and local development.

We finance the infrastructure and investments of public administrations. We support policies to improve the real estate assets of local authorities for urban regeneration, we invest in social infrastructure, sustainable mobility, and new forms of housing.

We offer integrated support to local authorities through technical advisory services for all stages of public works. Our approach is aimed at ensuring social cohesion and promoting eco-sustainable infrastructure, through a rigorous analysis of the economic, social, and environmental impacts of our work.

We support the development of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, also internationally, by providing tools and expertise. By offering integrated financing, equity and advisory services, we contribute to the growth of productive sectors, the acceleration of digitalization and innovation in Italy, and the strengthening of its private equity and venture capital market.

We have been the Italian National Promotional Institution since 2015. This role has allowed us to broaden the scope of our activities, offering financial advice to public administration bodies for the use of national and European funds and mobilizing financial resources from other public and private entities.

To assist in the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, we not only directly manage part of the resources for strategic initiatives to get the Italian economy moving, but also support central and local governments with dedicated technical and financial advisory services. Our strategies are aligned with Italy's priorities: investing in young people, fighting climate change, accelerating the energy and digital transition, promoting gender equality.

We are also the Italian Financial Institution for Development Cooperation. In this role, we finance high-impact economic, environmental, and social initiatives in strategic sectors and promote specialized programs for climate change, financial inclusion, and women's entrepreneurship in developing countries and emerging markets.


We transparently work to carry out our institutional mission of supporting and promoting Italian development policies, all the while acknowledging the importance of the task at hand.

CDP’s corporate governance model is built around the Board of Directors, whose responsibilities include defining, applying and updating the corporate governance rules, in compliance with current regulations. It also determines the strategic operational and executive management of the Group.

The Board of Directors is represented by nine members and comprises, for the management of the funds from postal savings, the Director General of the Treasury, the State Accountant General, and three experts representing the Regions, Provinces and Municipalities, appointed by decree of the Minister of the Economy and Finance. Its decision-making is supported by four Board Committees with advisory functions: Nomination, Remuneration, Related Parties, Risk and Sustainability Committees.

Governance is completed by the Board of Statutory Auditors, which also acts as the Supervisory Body, the Parliamentary Supervisory Committee, and the Support Committee for Non-Controlling Shareholders, which encourages cooperation between the Group and Banking Foundations, also with a view to enhancing CDP’s dialogue with local communities. Furthermore, a judge of the Court of Auditors attends the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors

Company Info

Corporate headquarters is in Rome, Via Goito, 4 - 00185. Other offices are located throughout the country and abroad.

Business Register of Rome: Registration no. 80199230584

Registered with Chamber of Commerce of Rome no. REA: 1053767
Share Capital: Share capital €,00 fully paid up
Tax code: 80199230584
VAT number no: 07756511007
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