KfW Bankengruppe (KfW)

Responsible banking

KfW is one of the world’s leading promotional banks. Since  1948 KfW has been committed to improving economic, socil and ecological living conditions all around the world on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany and the federal states. To do this, it supplied funds totalling EUR 76.5 billion in 2017 alone; of this total, 43% was spent on measures aimed at protecting the climate and the environment. 

KfW has no retail branches and does not hold any customer deposits. It funds its promotional business in a responsible manner and almost entirely via the international capital markets. In 2017 it raised EUR 78.2 billion for this purpose. In Germany, KfW Group has offices in Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bonn and Cologne. Its global network includes around 80 local and representative offices.

As a “Bank aus Verantwortung” (a bank committed to responsibility), KfW sustainably supports change in the economy, ecology and society. We support people, countries and institutions who think beyond the here and now, driving our society towards tomorrow. The focal points of our work include:

  • Promotion of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and start-ups
  • Provision of equity capital
  • Programmes for energy-efficient refurbishment of residential buildings
  • Support of measures to protect the environment
  • Educational finance for retail customers
  • Funding programmes for municipalities and regional promotional banks
  • Export and project finance
  • Promotion of developing countries and emerging economies
  • Financing and consulting for companies investing in developing countries and emerging economies

Domestic business

Promoting Germany

KfW supports forward-thinking companies, private individuals and public institutions who want to invest in their own futures.

One focus of its work is the financing of start-ups and SMEs. This comprises special programmes to foster the use of renewable energy, to increase energy efficiency and to promote innovative technology companies, including through private equity.

KfW helps private individuals to shape their future, for example, when it comes to the energy-efficient refurbishment, age-appropriate conversion or burglary protection of residential buildings, or when they invest in their own training and education.

Domestic promotion also includes investing in municipal and social infrastructure. Through our promotional activities we foster innovation, growth and prosperity. In this way, KfW is contributing to ensuring that Germany is fit for the future.

International business

Ensuring internationalisation

The international export and project business of KfW Group is administered by KfW IPEX-Bank. KfW’s subsidiary provides medium and long-term financing for specific purposes: for promoting export commerce, for the development of economic and social infrastructure, for climate and environmental protection measures, and for securing the supply of Germany and Europe with raw materials, for example. In addition to its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, KfW IPEX-Bank is currently represented at ten locations in the world’s most important commercial and financial centres.

Promoting development

On behalf of the German Federal Government, the KfW Development Bank business area finances development projects around the world. The top priorities are to improve people’s prospects for a better life, to protect the environment and to combat climate change. In so doing, KfW supports Germany’s partner countries and provides impetus for progress and development. KfW Development Bank is represented at nearly 70 locations worldwide.

DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH) promotes German and local companies who are active in developing countries and emerging economies. The KfW subsidiary provides its clients with long-term finance packages, promotional programmes and advisory services. As a result, these companies can grow and thrive, contribute to local value creation, and generate prospects for the region. In addition to its headquarters in Cologne, DEG has 13 representative offices around the world.

KfW Stiftung

Social responsibility

Entrepreneurial action and social responsibility belong together. Within this context, KfW established an independent, non-profit foundation (“KfW Stiftung”) in October 2012. KfW Stiftung is involved in dealing with the big challenges of society. These include globalisation, demographic change, and environmental and climate protection. It is here that KfW Stiftung aims to raise awareness, take on responsibility and promote diversity.

In this context, responsible entrepreneurship, social commitment, environmental protection and climate action, as well as arts and culture are in the focus of its activities.

Non-profit funding

Responsible entrepreneurship

In the spheres of economy, KfW Stiftung is promoting responsible entrepreneurial mindsets, which face the social challenges of the future and develop economic approaches to resolve them.

Social commitment

KfW Stiftung aims to give ideas how to ensure the sustainability of our society. It therefore drives projects for the promotion of a conscientious and strong community in a targeted fashion. The primary goal is to enable social participation. It is important to open new perspectives to promote diversity, both socially and economically.

Environment and climate

With biodiversity as its main focus, KfW Stiftung promotes environmental and climate protection measures. The local, national and international projects that the foundation supports make a valuable contribution to maintaining the diversity of species. All projects contribute to launch the necessary social dialogue upon biodiversity issues and to make aware of the importance of protecting biodiversity for a healthy climate.

Art and culture

Focus is placed on intercultural dialogue: KfW Stiftung is creating platforms for artists and people involved in cultural life from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to bolster cultural diversity and raise critical awareness of global interdependence.


KfW is one of the largest and most active bond issuers in the world. Responsibility is a key factor in the funding of its business activities, which primarily takes place on the international money and capital markets. In 2017 a total of 145 bonds in 10 currencies with a total volume of EUR 78.2 billion were sold to institutional investors around the world. KfW is in a leading position on the international capital markets and enjoys a high standing. Also, KfW is regularly receiving awards for its issuing activities as well as for some individual transactions.

With a variety of bonds in different currencies, KfW is always in a position to respond flexibly to market developments. All refinancing instruments have one thing in common: they are safe. This is because they are guaranteed explicitly and directly by the Federal Republic of Germany. Due to its excellent creditworthiness, KfW has been awarded triple A ratings, the best possible credit rating, by the rating agencies Moody’s, Scope Ratings and Standard & Poor’s. Global Finance Magazine has now declared KfW “The World’s Safest Bank” for the ninth time in succession.

In 2017 KfW continued its “green” capital markets strategy and successfully issued seven “Green Bonds – Made by KfW” in four different currencies. With an outstanding volume of EUR 12.9 billion by the end of 2017, KfW is the second largest issuer among the promotional banks worldwide and the biggest issuer in Germany. Due to their high standards regarding transparency and environmental impact assessments, these bonds are met with great interest, in particular by investors who place high value on sustainable investment. With this product, KfW once again contributes to fostering sustainability on the capital markets.

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