Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA)


Founded in 2014 by investors and for investors, the Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association works with a wide range of stakeholders, including infrastructure investors, policy-makers and academia, on supporting long-term, responsible deployment of private capital to public infrastructure around the world.

LTIIA's principal activities include:

  • public advocacy and engagement with policy-makers;
  • investment in research and innovation for the benefit of infrastructure investors;
  • education and training on long-term investing in infrastructure.

LTIIA is a not-for-profit international association and most of our members are institutional investors and fund managers with responsibilities over long-term and open-ended infrastructure investment mandates.

Our action circle includes leading global and regional discussion fora, information powerhouses and service providers to the infrastructure marketplace.

Infrastructure as an Asset Class

Infrastructure is a growing asset class with institutional investors globally allocating ca. 3% of their assets under management to infrastructure equities and debt. On the back of a strong demand for private capital to close the infrastructure funding gap and attractive features of the asset class, allocations to infrastructure are expected to double over the next decade.

Infrastructure development and operation stands high on governmental agendas in developed, emerging and developing economies. Long term investment in infrastructure is a key topic of international and regional forums including the G20 Investment and Infrastructure Working Group.

A recent report by OECD, that LTIIA helped to shape, sets out details on various investment solutions for long-term investors in infrastructure.

Please check LTIIA's calendar for seminars, conferences and trainings for infrastructure investors, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for tailored learning and introduction opportunities. Go to their Library for the Newcomer’s reading pack.

Join our Benchmarking Platform or download Environmental, Social and Governance Handbook for Long-Term Investors in Infrastructure.

Benchmarking Platform

Developed together with EDHEC-Risk Research Institute, based on EDHEC’s pioneering research on benchmarking long-term infrastructure investments.

Environmental, social and governance handbook

The ESG Handbook for Long-Term Investors in Infrastructure has been developed by LTIIA members together with UN-PRI and was presented for the first time during the COP21 summit in December 2015.

The Handbook combines descriptive summaries of best practices, applicable standards and case studies that long-term investors in infrastructure can use to invest more responsibly. The Handbook helps the investors to learn from each other how to improve Environmental, Social and Governance compliance across various infrastructure sectors and geographies.


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