Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft (OEKB)

The OeKB Group has been strengthening Austria's economy with many services for small, medium and large companies as well as the Republic of Austria since 1946 and thus has a special position as a central financial services provider. With its broad range of competences, the OeKB Group focuses on four main service areas: Export services, capital market services, energy market services and development financing.

The OeKB Group is a public-private partnership, fulfilling its role as a private company on one side, and, on the other, as a mandate from the Republic of Austria.

Customer-orientation and dependability for Austria’s economy

OeKB is able to process federal export guarantees and to make attractive financing available in conjunction with foreign trade. Also its private loan insurances protect receivables at home and abroad. With its capital market services, the OeKB Group fulfils essential functions concerning securities, provides clearing services for the energy market and finances commercial and developmentally reasonable projects in emerging markets with the OeEB as the official development bank for the Republic of Austria.

The OeKB Group includes OeKB AG and its subsidiaries and shareholdings. Customer orientation, great technical expertise and reliability determine both the strategic alignment of the services provided by the OeKB Group as well as the actions of its more than 400 employees. Economic relevance and sustainability are fixed cornerstones for every project of the OeKB Group.

Relevant services to help business grow

The OeKB Group provides many services that promote economic growth and strengthen Austria as a centre for global competition through its four major business units and subsidiaries and shareholdings.

The subsidiaries and shareholdings include the "Österreichischer Exportfonds" GmbH, ACREDIA Versicherung AG, Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG, OeKB CSD GmbH and CCP Austria Abwicklungsstelle für Börsengeschäfte GmbH.

Values & Vision

We offer important incentives to promote healthy economic growth and make a sustainable contribution to the success of the Austrian economy with our diverse services as a relevant partner for business and policy. We want to meet this role in a responsible and professional way.

Our daily work is guided by our values: We fulfil our obligations in a competent, professional and dependable way. We are constantly striving to improve our services. Seeing our clients as our top priority, we act in a customer-oriented, unbureaucratic and beneficial way.

We also act in a competitively neutral and economically relevant way because of the OeKB Group’s special position as an authorised agent of the Republic of Austria. We take our responsibility to society and the environment very seriously in our daily transactions as well. 


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