The Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro (IDF)

General Information

The Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro (IRF Montenegro) was established by the adoption of the Law on the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro AD ("Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 88", dated December 31, 2009).

The goal of establishing the institution is to encourage and accelerate the economic development of Montenegro. By establishing the Investment and Development Fund, the Government of Montenegro provided an efficient mechanism for supporting economic development, especially considering the current economic and financial crisis.

The activity of the Investment and Development Fund is defined through granting loans and issuing guarantees, performing activities related to the sale of capital in the portfolio of IDF CG A.D., as well as performing other activities that provide support for economic development.

The Investment and Development Fund sets an ambitious task of achieving goals with the help of mechanisms defined through the quote from Article no. 2 of the Law on the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro:

The fund is established with the aim of encouraging and accelerating the economic development of Montenegro, namely: ending the privatization process by selling capital acquired in the process of ownership transformation, supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, supporting infrastructure projects, water supply projects, waste water treatment and environmental protection environment, as well as by financing projects of local, regional and national importance.

Achieving the goals is all the more complex if you take into account the current economic and financial crisis.

In the first year of operation, the Investment and Development Fund faces a number of tasks, the solution of which requires significant resources. Establishing an efficient and economical organization with professional human resources that can meet the institution's requirements, defining programs and users of support programs, updating the institution's software and personnel, establishing cooperation with appropriate companies and institutions of both domestic and international character, etc.

The Fund's broadly set activities and goals enable their concretization in several areas of activity, of which it should be emphasized:

- Support to the sector of small and medium enterprises (credit and guarantee support);
- Support in solving infrastructure and environmental projects;
- Export and employment incentives;
- Privatization of the rest of social capital;
- Effective management of the securities portfolio and loan portfolio of the Development Fund and the Directorate for SME Development.

Priority areas of activity

- Growth and development of micro, small and medium enterprises
- Support for beginners in business
- Enabling entrepreneurs to start a new investment cycle
- Strengthening entrepreneurial capacities
- Improving the company's liquidity
- Encouraging balanced regional development
- Encouragement for the development of priority sectors (tourism, agriculture, wood processing, production, services)
- Improving the competitiveness of domestic companies
- Support for the creation of new jobs
- Support for the creation of new products and technologies
- Export incentive
- Financing of environmental protection and infrastructure projects


Investment development fund as a measure of success for development institutions that efficiently and effectively provides services to users and encourages the renewable development of the social community.


Our mission as a development institution is to support the creation of new values ​​based on knowledge, cultural heritage and natural wealth with the aim of encouraging systemic, sustainable and balanced economic and social development in accordance with the general strategic goals of Montenegro.


Orientation towards the user - we strive to respond to user requests as quickly and effectively as possible. We want to be an institution that goes to its users and not for users to come to us.

Responsibility and professionalism in business - with a responsible and professional attitude towards our tasks, capital, user and project, we ensure long-term success in achieving our main goal.

Reliability in business relations - with all our capacities, we want to provide our users with the assurance that we will consistently, confidentially and systematically support all acceptable projects.

Ethics in business - we emphasize the importance of applying moral principles in life and work, that's why we continuously encourage the ethics of employees in order to fulfill the set goals as efficiently as possible.

Knowledge as a basic condition for overall development is a priority for us. That is why we create conditions for our employees and encourage them to continuously improve their knowledge. But we also ask that from our users and partners.

Corporate social responsibility – represents our commitment to contribute to sustainable economic development by cooperating with businesses, the local community and society in general in order to improve the quality of the overall standard of living. For us, profit is not a measure of success, but long-term benefit for the social community that we will achieve by implementing the projects we support.


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