In 2018 ELTI members committed a financing volume of more than €140 bn of which more than €50 bn were invested in more than 300.000 sustainable projects all over Europe. The share of sustainable investments of our members is more than 30% of all commitments. This result is a strong incentive to remain frontrunner in sustainable finance in the years to come. Following the commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, decided under COP21 in Paris, carbon-neutral projects need to be implemented and financed today. The role of Long-Term Investors has become more important today than ever since infrastructure investment projects have an average lifetime of around 30 years whilst projects which require long planning phases – and financed today, might run longer than 2050.

NPBIs support public policy and are asked by their shareholders to implement specific schemes, instruments, financing programmes and projects. The financing activities range from energy, energy efficiency measures, innovation financing, export- and project financing, infrastructure or SME financing (which includes more efficient and cleaner technologies used by SMEs). Against the background of the financing needs for the climate transition it is important to co-operate with private investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, Private Equity Funds or private banks. The financing solutions of ELTI members are focused on “crowding-in” private investors so that the scarce public budgets could be leveraged and more projects can be financed.

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