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Watch full workshop: How to bring green energy to the local and regional level – the contribution of the EU and NPBIs

To meet the EU's climate targets by 2030, an additional annual public and private investment of EUR 260 billion is needed. National Promotional Banks and Institutions (NPBIs) already play a key role in tackling this investment gap by crafting long-term and tailor-made financing solutions locally. This online workshop, which took place on 13 October 2022, demonstrated the strong link of ELTI members with regional and local actors, as well as the capability to develop innovative financing solutions for energy efficiency and clean projects.

This event highlighted the interactions through which successful initiatives can be implemented. Local governments will present their approach through innovative projects they have supported using EU funds. NPBIs will introduce their environmental and climate commitment and the range of instruments they plan to foster the emergence of projects, from technical advice to financing. New possibilities offered by InvestEU will also be presented during the session, as NPBIs are expected to play a greater role in using EU funds locally, with direct access granted to the EU guarantee. One of the objectives of the workshop was to share best practices in financing the energy transition with all relevant stakeholders and policy-makers. Another aim was to identify remaining barriers on the ground in order to unlock the full potential of investment.


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