Dario Scannapieco elected as new ELTI President
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European Long-Term Investors Association (ELTI)

The ''European Long-Term Investors Association'' represent a European-wide network of National Promotional Banks and Institutions (NPBIs) who offer financial solutions tailored to the specific needs of their respective country and economy. As of August 2023, the association gathers 31 European long-term investors from 21 Member States across the European Union as well as candidate countries. With a combined balance sheet of € 2.7 trillion, ELTI's goal is to promote long-term investment in close alignment with the objectives and initiatives developed by the European Union in order to foster sustainable, smart and inclusive growth and job creation. Multilateral financial institutions complement the activities at national level with specific cross-border solutions or investments with a European impact. Following the specific public mission of each member the business model of each institution differs from country to country including different products and approaches. This is the same for multilateral ELTI members. Most of the members offer various debt-products but not all members have a mandate for investment in equity. The Association promotes and attracts quality long-term investment in the real economy.

Given the rapid changes our societies are undergoing and the 'short-termist' tendency of many economic and political actors, the need for long-term vision is more important than ever. The implementation of far-reaching global objectives such as building sustainable infrastructure for sustainable investment, fighting climate change or innovating in our resources consumption and in production technologies is not only an absolute necessity: it is also a path, in itself, to recovery from the current crisis on a new basis to avoid its return and ensure the well-being of future generations.

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Goals and Activities

  • Joint Collaboration

    Maintaining a permanent and constructive dialogue on long-term financing with European financial institutions whilst representing, promoting and defending the shared interests of our Members. This includes informing the EU institutions on the role and potential of the Members as agencies for long-term financing and promoting convergence and common positions in response to consultations launched by the European Commission.

  • Access to Finance

    Developing the concept of long-term investment within the economic and financial sector whilst strengthening cooperation at an operational level, acting as long-term financiers and facilitating access between European and national financing schemes.

  • Sharing of Expertise

    Strengthening the access of the Members to information on matters related to the EU and exchanging information and experiences amongst Members. This includes sharing the Association's interest and advice to the EU with regards to the promotion of long-term investment and informing its Members on the discussions, initiatives and measures conducted by the EU institutions.

  • Knowledge & Mutual Support

    Promoting academic research on long-term investments and exerting influence on EU Institutions by acting as a common interlocutor and Member spokesperson without prejudice to the separate freedom of expression of each Member. These include initiating and publishing research programmes and case studies and holding conferences on behalf of our Members.

National Promotional Banks and Institutions (NPBIs) - ELTI Members

News about NPBIs

  • ELTI Brochure: Green Investments

    ELTI Brochure on Green Investment

    In January 2024, ELTI released its latest brochure, presenting 16 lighthouse projects in the field of Green Investment, each supported by their respective NPBI, all of which are members of ELTI.

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  • ELTI Brochure: Innovation

    ELTI Brochure on Innovation

    In November 2023, ELTI released its latest brochure, presenting 16 lighthouse projects in the field of Innovation, each supported by their respective NPBI, all of which are members of ELTI.

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  • ELTI gathers in Prague for its 11th General Assembly, the first under the Presidency of Dario Scannapieco (CDP, Italy)

    Press Release

    Prague/Bruxelles, October 20th, 2023 – The members of the European Long-Term Investors (ELTI) Association have gathered in Prague for ELTI’s 11th General Assembly, hosted by ELTI’s Czech member Národní rozvojová banka (NRB) and chaired for the first time by the newly-elected ELTI President Dario Scannapieco, CEO of the Italian National Promotional Institute Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP).

    The General Assembly of the Association of European NBPIs was a key moment to discuss the first initiatives to implement the new strategy, which aims to strengthen ELTI's presence in Europe and to reaffirm the importance of NPBIs (National Promotional Banks and Institutions) by favouring long-term investments.

    The event, which was attended by representatives of the 31 ELTI members, was an opportunity to share and discuss best practices of cooperation between NPBIs, identifying shared solutions and tools to address upcoming strategically significant challenges facing the European Union. The participants also reflected on how to promote the inclusiveness of the Association by encouraging its expansion to new members, with the aim of making ELTI increasingly the expression of the voice of all EU countries and a more effective instrument at the service of the European institutions.

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  • Dario Scannapieco elected as new ELTI President


    During ELTI's 10-year anniversary, celebrated in Madrid, ELTI members elected its new President Dario Scannapieco, General Director and CEO of the Italian Cassa Depositi and Prestiti (CDP) for the next 3 years.

    Scannapieco commented on his mandate and on the 10th anniversary of the association: “It is a great honour for me to have been appointed today as ELTI President, and I would like to warm-ly thank the former President, Laurent Zylberberg, and all the members of the Association for the trust and support in this journey. ELTI represents 32 National Promotional Banks and Financial Institu-tions of Europe, having doubled its number of members in just 10 years. This diversity of perspectives, coupled with the increased recognition that the association has achieved in many relevant European fora, will represent a key element to keep up with the economic and geopolitical challenges ahead. We have today traced our path for the next 10 years, with new financing commitments for more than 320 bn EUR in 2022, resources that will allow us to strategically support EU strategic objectives, also thanks to a further enlargement to new members. I look forward to chairing ELTI and bringing the Association to the next level - Together we can do more!”


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